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     Dana left Denver, CO. in 1989 for Los Angeles CA., and began to work for UCLA Medical Center.  She worked as a CNA , for some years, before the pursuit her make-up passion.  She started her career in Hollywood California as a make-up artist, with photographer and film producer Tim Alexander.  She worked for Tim 4 years and refined her skills.  She later moved on to Soul Train as a personal make-up artist for Shemar Moore, which lasted 7 years.

She worked the Golden Globes, Academy Awards and many other star studded events.  Her confidence began to explode and she moved back to Denver in 2006 to start her own cosmetic line, Sela Cosmetics, at the Aurora Mall.

     Nordstrom Cherry Creek hired Dana and she quickly rose in the ranks to Supervisor of YSL, Kate Somerville and Giorgio Armani.  This is where she had her "ah ha" moment.  Dana's desire was to "CLEAN UP" the make-up world, so she created Hygeniskin.  She believed every make-up artist, lash artist, hairstylist and everyday man or woman who apply make -up should have Hygeniskin and asked me, her husband, to finish it before she died of Breast Cancer...and here we are.

Articles – American Spa Magazine (front cover) January 2017, top ten beauty trend of the year.

                T.V. Show "The Chat"  NBC 12 in Florida    A Makeup Artist MUST HAVE!        _

Mission statement – Hygeniskin's Mission is to "CLEAN UP" the make-up world.

Company policies – All things, that you want men to do to you, you also must do to them.  (The Golden Rule).

Executive profiles – George Copeland, CEO and husband of Dana.  

                                  Tara Danielle Dominguez- Ambassador and Chief of Staff

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Hygeniskin, The Essential Skin Shield. 

Revolutionizing and Sanitizing how we apply cosmetics. 

Let's "CLEAN UP" the make-up world and make up a cleaner world.

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